Fidget Spinner ‘Cthulhu’


It's a Cthulhu Worship Totem ! AND Polished Brass or Copper Fidget Spinner!

What is Cthulhu? If you have to ask, you will never be among the chosen. But if you must know, better to hear about it here on the Steampunk Spinners page where you are safe (relatively). It's a terrifying creature with squid like features who lies “dead but dreaming” in the city of R'lyeh, somewhere out in Pacific Ocean. He is the greatest of the Great Old Ones that ruled the Earth before humanity formed. It is said that Cthulhu will return, causing worldwide insanity and mindless violence before finally displacing humanity forever. His coming will be heralded by the presence of small minded dictator with tiny hands.

How is Cthulhu pronounced? Khlul'-hloo, with the first syllable pronounced like a phlegm hack.

Steampunk's interpretation of his corporeal form is very squiddish which may frighten the skittish. It is laser engraved into solid brass and then polished to a mirror finish. The popular Devil's Spade Spinner takes on a whole new life in the dead but dreaming.

Light and small enough for easy conceal and carry but enough mass for unbelievable spin times. Lovecraft would love it because it's crafted with love.

Everyone should have at least ONE spinner that serves as a both a beacon and testament to their depth and quality of nerddom. Plus, if Cthulhu DOES return and you are carrying THIS fidget spinner, your death will be quick and painless. Mercy.