Fidget Spinner ‘MOLON LABE EDC’

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MOLON LABE Engraved, Polished Brass Spinner. COME AND TAKE ONE.

Exclusive design carefully laser engraved into solid brass and then polished to a mirror finish. The popular Devil's Spade Spinner takes on a whole new life in brass – especially polished brass!

Updated design on 2/10/17, this steampunk fidget spinner is now laser engraved for near perfect detail and is perfectly balanced for excellent spins. Each spade is laser engraved with a Spartan helmet and Greek lettering MOLON LABE (come and take), popularized in the movie 300. The  hybrid ceramic bearing is press fit with a touch of epoxy but can be removed if necessary.

Light and small enough for easy conceal and carry but enough mass for unbelievable spin times.

Everyone should have at least ONE spinner for formal occasions (at the range) and the mirror finish can be used to signal assault team members or to call in air support.