Fidget Spinner ‘Pentagram’


Because idle hands are the devil’s workshop!

UPDATE: 2/7/17: NOW MACHINED FROM BRASS. This unit was originally designed on October 30, 2016 (Halloween Eve), and this steampunk fidget spinner is now milled from solid brass and perfectly balanced. Each spade is laser engraved with a devilishly cool ornate pentagram engraving that has developed quite an occult following. It comes standard with hybrid ceramic bearing standard or upgrade to full ceramic! Don’t carry plastic – go METAL! bearings are press fit with a touch of epoxy but can be removed if necessary (but why?).

I make these to order. Efficient use of materials makes these light enough to conceal & carry but substantial enough to let those 3d printed plastic imitators know you mean business.

Everyone should have at least ONE occult spinner.