THE KNOB in Damasteel Parallel DS93X!


Parallel™ DS93X™ Damasteel is made in Sweden and is highly sought after by collectors, knife makers, and now – fidget spinner makers!
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Steampunk Spinners is proud to begin offering our latest design – the KNOB which was designed to be perfectly ergonomic, beautiful to look at and make maximum use of the 1.5″ diameter Damasteel Parallel bar. After milling and polishing it looks just like stainless steel. Then, we BOIL it in hydrochloric acid at a precise temperature to reveal the beautiful patterns inherent in Damasteel. The two alloys etch at different rates, bringing the pattern to life and providing a subtle tactile variation in the surface. This particular type of steel – DS93X colors beautifully when heated.

CHOOSE YOUR FINISH: See above for natural silver etched in boiling HCL or Heat threated to bronzish purplish beatle shell awesomeness.


1.5″ in diameter, .4″ thick and a meaty 2.7 ounces, this is a nice hunk of very rare and very precious metal. IT COMES WITH BRASS CAPS! It features an UNBELIEVABLE Super bearing from FZ Essential with tiny balls (I know I get it) that spin like it is on steroids. This thing ROCKS out of the BOX. First spins should be 5:00 plus tabletop! (my actual times were between 5:30 and 6)

There are very few of these and once they are gone , they are gone. We buy Damasteel when it is available in a format thick enough for fidget spinner making – which is not often here in the U.S. By the way these are made right here in Minnesota – and so far, we have not been poisoneded by the HCL fumes… but… if you don't see any new listings for a while… you might want to call someone to check on us. Boiling acid is… dangerous.

These ONLY ship priority mail. We cannot afford to let the Post Office lose these in First Class.