This is a Pre-order … will ship mid-August.

Meet the PHAT BOY’s Well Heeled Cousin! Milled from a single piece of half inch thick COPPER and 2.3″ in diameter with CUSTOM Bearing Caps Included. These are made one at a time, when we have the time and the material. So availability is very limited.

The perfect spinner just got better… Not for the faint of heart this thing is a BEAST and features our R188 bearing retention system with a threaded brass retainer ring to hold your bearing securely and release your bearing effortlessly whenever you need to swap it out.

Includes a high-quality Boca industrial, fully shielded full ceramic bearing. Can you say 4+ minute spin times?

Half inch thick copper fidget spinner with recessed, engraved brass bearing caps and full ceramic bearing. Bearing cap design features an ENGRAVED (not lasered) Steampunk Spinners logo including the SS and gear by popular demand. Designed with input from our best customers and fidget spinner aficionados the world over the caps sit proud of the spinner for table top spinning and are hand ground to fit within the recess. This spinner has an amazing feel and at only 2.3″ in diameter it has great mass in a small size. BAM. It’s PHAT. AND its ANTI-BACTERIAL COPPER – what?!

Bearing caps screw together for easy removal.

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