The Original Steampunk Fidget Spinner FRAME ONLY


NEW COLORS!  Amazing anodized aluminum finish.

The ORIGINAL Tri-beam Steampunk Fidget Spinner frame is milled from industrial 6061 aluminum. Available in red, blue, black or gold or in polished aluminum. Go METAL! The frame is ready for bearings to be press fit with a touch of epoxy. Efficient use of materials makes these light enough to conceal and carry but substantial enough to let those 3D printed plastic imitators know you mean business. Make the Tri-beam Steampunk Fidget Spinner your EDC essential.

Choose your frame color and apply your own bearings. Frame is designed to allow the bearings to fit easily in one side. Bearings should be held secure with a dot or two of epoxy like JB Kwik weld 5 minute epoxy. Choose your color of anodization or select the non-anodized