Full Ceramic 608 Bearing Upgrade

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FULL CERAMIC = THE Not-for-noobs-must-have-fidget-upgrade-of-all-TIME!

Full Ceramic, PTFE Sealed bearings are designed for harsh environments and specialty applications for reduced weight and low rolling resistance – even in the face of very high temperatures and the presence of corrosive substances. LIKE IN YOUR POCKET.

These are NOT your buddy’s dumpster-fire bearings he found on EBAY. These are legit industrial BOCA’s.

Zirconia ZRO2 Inner/Outer/Balls, C3 Fit, LD= Lube Dry, (8x22x7) MM Blah, blah blah.

Buy this along with any of our spinners and we’ll install it, then spin it and watch in amazement as it just keeps going, and going and eventually it will stop and then fighting the urge to spin it again, we will ship it you. Reluctantly.