Build Your Own Fidget Spinner

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The perfect stocking stuffer! Now you can make your very own fidget spinner just like one of Santa’s elves – and though you’re probably taller and less competitive we’re sure you’re plenty capable. Right?  Well, you’ll never know until you try!  So bust open your spinner kit and see what you (and fidget spinners) are made of and as a bonus, increase your self-esteem, drop a few lbs., lose those frown lines, improve your complexion.  You’ll be one step closer to earning that coveted Eagle Scout badge.

It wouldn’t truly be a product of your making unless you could pick the color.  So you get to PICK THE COLOR.  We package everything you need into a pouch of clear space age polyethylene. All for only $19.99!


  • Fast-setting epoxy
  • Application stick
  • Three Outer Bearings
  • One Premium Dry-Lube Hybrid-Ceramic Center Bearing
  • One industrial 6061 aluminum Frame
Put a cap on it! Add a set of bearing caps to your order for longer, smoother spins.