The LAST Phat Boy Junior

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The last of the Juniors! This is it. I considered keeping it, but we've had too many requests ... the question is ... who's going to get it?

Goldilocks was a real pain.  “This bed’s too hard, this porridge is to cold, this chair is too post-modern, I prefer a more traditional aesthetic.”  Blah!  there is nothing worse than a finicky, home-invading-forest-girl. M’ I right? BUT – when it comes to fidget spinners, we SHOULD be picky.  A maniacal pursuit of size-to-weight-ratio-ergonomic-perfection – or SWREP –  should be everyone’s singular and all-consuming goal. So.  We give you,  THE PHAT BOY JUNIOR!

Made of stainless steel with brass caps, the Junior is 1.735” in diameter, .377” thick and weighing in at 2.5 oz … exactly the middle ground between the original PHAT BOY and the PHAT BOY NANO. It has a convenient screw top bearing removal system AND each unit comes with complimentary engraved brass caps.