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NEW! Introducing the Steampunk SHARKFIN EDC Spinner!

Designed and tested on 12/7/16 for one handed flick-the-fin spins, the Sharkfin Steampunk fidget spinner is milled from industrial aluminum and is perfectly balanced. It features four shark fins that come to a dull point (this shark don't bite). Comes with a Hybrid Ceramic bearing. Don't carry plastic – go METAL! Bearings are press fit with a touch of epoxy but can be removed if necessary (but why?).

Nice and light, small form and easy to conceal and carry in your Speedo but substantial enough to provide pleasing spin times.

Get two and you'll have a breeding pair. Shark happens, so it's good to have a spare. Science fact: Sharkfin Spinners never stop spinning – even when they are sleeping… the must spin to survive. While most humans view them as cold-hearted, ruthless predators, they are actually quite loyal and loving and make great pets.